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Zhejiang Jiagu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. resumed production and documented.

 Thursday, 30 April 2020

After the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the people of the whole country united their strength to fight against the epidemic and strengthen their confidence to win the war of prevention, control and prevention. I use the lens to focus on the cadres and workers of the "epidemic" line and record the anti-epidemic process around me. At present, it has entered a critical moment for epidemic prevention, control and resumption of production. Employees have returned to their jobs one after another. Please do n’t take it lightly and strictly abide by the regulations for epidemic prevention. Wear masks every day during epidemic situations And various personal protection. Take good care of the elderly and children and do their due diligence. Let us work together to make our own contribution to winning this epidemic. Shui On, Wenzhou, China.

Park staff to test the body temperature and check the health code

The first day of the new year

Local and foreign employees drive to the company one after another

Chartered transfer to work

Test body temperature before going to work

Employees punching in to work

Compression molding workshop in production

Commutator row

Working status of metalworking workshop

Disinfect the workshop


Group meal

Product pending inspection

Qualified products

Product storage

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